Psychotherapy for the Spirit, 

Mind, and Body

At the Akasha Therapy Center, I offer psychotherapy sessions for adults and adolescents based on a somatic (body-centered), relational, and transpersonal (spiritual) approach to mental health and wellness. I am trained in AEDP, an experiential, emotions-focused, and relational style of therapy. My approach is a blend of highly collaborative trauma-informed and recovery-based interventions.


I believe trust and safety are the most important ingredients in the therapeutic relationship. In couples work, I excel at helping each individual step into their truth while meeting their partner with love, compassion, and appreciation. I have trained with some of the top trauma therapists in the country including Diana Fosha, Bruce Perry, and Alicia Lieberman. 


My approach blends psychotherapy interventions with emotional regulation skills drawn from yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Special areas of focus include working with spiritual emergence, codependency, trauma, addiction, disordered eating, LGBTQ issues, gender transition, depression, anxiety, and foster care-related issues.


I am a certified Integral Yoga Instructor and often incorporate knowledge about spiritual experience gained from my own practice of meditation and energy psychology. I speak English and can also incorporate French and Spanish into sessions with clients who are bilingual.

Aum Sri Prema Pranahuti

Psychotherapy sessions are $120 for a 55 minute session.

I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Vermont Medicaid/Green Mountain Care, 

and several Out of Network Plans. 

Please ask me about my sliding scale if you are unable to afford my hourly rate. 

All therapy sessions are currently held online via video.

Delyn Hall, MA is a Non-Licensed and Non-Certified Psychotherapist, Vermont Roster No. 097.0134120

Supervised by Lindsay Jernigan, Phd. Vermont License No. 048.0056429

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